Protecting Your Kids

At the Socius Law Firm, we have developed an expertise in planning for the well-being and care of children should the unthinkable happen.  We call this advanced legal planning — Kids’ Safeguard Planning.

Kids’ Safeguard Planning is based on the premise that a Will alone is simply not enough to protect minor children should both parents die or become incapacitated.

If you are a parent of minor children, your estate plan needs to include Kids’ Safeguard Planning to ensure your children will always be taken care of by the people you want, in the way you want, and never put in a situation you wouldn’t like.

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Without this advanced legal planning, unthinkable events can (and do) take place:

  • Your children could be placed into the care of the Department of Children & Families…even if you have a will in place…and even if you have a living trust. (Likely this circumstance would be temporary, but during traumatic times, children are always better off with familiar friends or family members as opposed to strangers, no matter how safe and capable).

  • Your children could be put into the custody and care of someone you would never choose, such as the one family member who may have good intentions, but you would never want raising your kids.

  • A Judge, who doesn’t know you or your family, will decide who will raise your kids, even if it is the last person you would ever choose.

  • A long and nasty custody fight could ensue or there might be a challenge to the guardians you have designated.

  • Up to 5% of the value of your assets could be lost to court fees and other unnecessary costs through the probate process.  Probate can tie up your assets for years and deprive your kids of the resources they need to live comfortably (which can be completely avoided with advanced legal planning).

  • When your children reach the age of 18 and receive payment for any remaining assets, unscrupulous people can take advantage of them.

The Socius Difference

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Unfortunately, most estate planning attorneys do not thoroughly address kids protection nor properly plan from the parent’s perspective. The Socius Law Firm, however, offers comprehensive Kids’ Safeguard Planning to protect children from the above circumstances with every estate plan we do for families with minor children.

Our Kids’ Safeguard Planning component includes a specific set of instructions, legal documents, as well as an ID card for your wallet. If you are in an accident, your Kids’ Safeguard Plan will help to make sure your children are never taken into the custody of Department of Children & Families or anyone else you would not want. These clear instructions inform the Police and ensure your children will be raised by people you have selected.

To get started with Kids’ Safeguard Planning, please call us at (508) 870-5759, today.

Selecting a Guardian

A critical starting point in protecting your children is selecting a legal guardian.  Even so, 69% of parents have not named legal guardians (either short- or long-term) for their minor children. Parents that have not chosen guardians for their minor children typically fall into one of the following circumstances:

(1) You aren’t thinking about it.  Thinking about your death – albeit unpleasant or morbid – and planning for it, will make life better for you and your children. You gain the peace of mind knowing that if something happens to you, your children will be always taken care of in the way you want, by the people you want, and never put in a situation you wouldn’t like. And your children are better off with friends or family members – as opposed to strangers, no matter how safe and capable.

(2) You can’t decide who to choose.  If you are like other parents in this circumstance, we invite you to rely upon our 5-Step Guide for Choosing a Guardian. In five simple steps, this guide will help you select a guardian and know for certain that your kids will always be cared for – in the way that you want – by the people you want – and never raised by anyone you wouldn’t want or taken out of your family home.

You should feel confident about choosing guardians for your children. Socius can help. Ensure you are thinking about what you need to in the guardian selection process and avoid the common mistakes many parents make in protecting and planning for kids.

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