Virtual Estate Planning

Would You Like to Meet Virtually?

"Estate Planning from the Comfort of Your Own Home"

We are here to serve you, providing the highest level of quality legal guidance in our ever-changing world!

Now more than ever, you may want to handle things online or virtually. We understand the time and financial constraints families face, so we offer our clients the option of working with us virtually – via phone, email, and video conferencing, in addition to our in-person legal services.

Your entire estate plan can be completed from the comfort of your own home using our virtual estate planning process. Our virtual estate planning process mirrors our traditional estate planning process, with the added convenience of not having to travel to implement your comprehensive estate plan.

How Does It Work?

  • We have a Schedule Online link to save you time (of course, you can always call our office at (508) 870-5759 or email [email protected].

  • We currently use Zoom for our video conferences.

  • We use online encrypted portal to transmit documents securely.

Planning on YOUR Schedule

In addition to meeting during normal business hours, we offer our clients evening and weekend appointments as well to make planning as easy and convenient for you as possible.

Why Virtual?

We wanted to provide a more convenient option for busy and working families.

With a concern around health in light of our current pandemic, we want to provide access to individuals and families that make planning a priority.

Most people love shopping virtually, taking online courses and enjoy the ease of doing things from the comfort of home; therefore, we figured some of our clients would love virtual services.