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About Us

Our Story

For nearly three decades, we have been committed to establishing lawyer-for-life relationships with our clients and providing exceptional legal services to individuals, families and small business owners throughout Worcester County, Central Massachusetts and Metrowest Boston.

What's in a name - Socius?

Many law firms are named after their founding attorneys. The Socius Law Firm is not. Why? We chose the name “Socius” – Latin for “friend,” “ally” or “partner” – because it represents the true essence of our firm’s founding principles.

After graduating from law school, Attorney Todd Rosenfield worked as a estate planning and business attorney at a prominent Massachusetts law firm. Over time, however, Attorney Rosenfield saw that the traditional law firm setting was not exactly how he envisioned it. He realized the importance of fostering client relationships as a priority in providing legal services. Unfortunately, many law firms, including the law firm that he was working at, did not see it this way. The priority was completing billable hours as opposed to the client.

As a result, modeled on the successful relationships Attorney Rosenfield had forged with a diverse client base since 1997, he formed the Socius Law Firm with a goal of establishing “lawyer-for-life relationships” with clients.

Businesses We Represent

Over nearly three decades, the Socius Law Firm has forged relationships with a number of corporations and small business owners such as:

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