Shrewsbury MA Business Attorney

Shrewsbury MA Business Attorney

Business Law Services in Shrewsbury, MA

If you are looking for a business attorney in Shrewsbury, MA, you have come to the right place. Socius Law Firm is a trusted and reputable law firm that specializes in business law. We have helped many clients in Shrewsbury and surrounding areas with their business legal needs. Whether you are starting a new business, running an existing business, or planning to exit a business, we can provide you with the guidance and representation you need.

Why Choose Socius Law Firm?

At Socius Law Firm, we understand that your business is your livelihood. That is why we treat every client with respect and professionalism. We listen to your goals and concerns, and we tailor our services to meet your specific needs. We offer:

  • Personalized attention and communication. You will work directly with our business attorney, who will keep you informed and updated throughout the process.
  • Practical and cost-effective solutions. We strive to resolve your legal issues in the most efficient and favorable way possible. We will advise you on the best course of action for your situation, and we will help you avoid unnecessary risks and expenses.
  • Comprehensive and quality service. We have the knowledge and experience to handle all aspects of business law, from formation to dissolution. We can assist you with contracts, transactions, compliance, disputes, and more.

What Business Law Services Do We Offer?

We offer a wide range of business law services, including:

Business Formation and Counseling

If you are starting a new business, we can help you choose the right entity type, such as a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or limited liability company (LLC). We can also help you draft and file the necessary documents, such as articles of incorporation, bylaws, operating agreements, and tax forms. We can also advise you on the legal and practical aspects of running your business, such as licensing, permits, insurance, contracts, and employment.

Business Contracts

Contracts are essential for any business, as they define the rights and obligations of the parties involved in a transaction or relationship. We can help you draft, review, negotiate, and enforce various types of business contracts, such as:

  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Lease agreements
  • Service agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Franchise agreements

We can also help you resolve any contract disputes that may arise, such as breach of contract, fraud, misrepresentation, or performance issues.

Business Succession Planning

If you are planning to exit your business, whether by retirement, sale, or transfer, we can help you prepare for a smooth and successful transition. We can help you create a business succession plan that outlines your goals and expectations, and protects your interests and assets. We can also help you implement your plan, such as by drafting and executing the necessary documents, such as wills, trusts, buy-sell agreements, and power of attorney.

Business Disputes and Litigation

If you are involved in a business dispute, whether with a partner, shareholder, employee, customer, vendor, competitor, or government agency, we can help you protect your rights and interests. We can help you resolve your dispute through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation, depending on the circumstances and your preferences. We have the skills and experience to handle various types of business disputes, such as:

  • Breach of contract
  • Business torts
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Employment disputes
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Consumer protection disputes

How Can We Help You?

If you need a business attorney in Shrewsbury, MA, we are here to help you. We can provide you with the legal advice and representation you need to achieve your business goals. Contact Us today to Schedule an Appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.

About Shrewsbury MA

Shrewsbury is a town in Worcester County, Massachusetts, with a population of about 38,000. It was settled in 1722 and incorporated in 1727. It is named after Shrewsbury, England, the hometown of one of its founders. Shrewsbury is known for its historic landmarks, such as the General Artemas Ward House, the Shrewsbury Historic District, and the Shrewsbury Public Library. Shrewsbury is also known for its scenic lakes, such as Lake Quinsigamond, where the annual Eastern Sprints rowing competition is held. Shrewsbury is a vibrant and diverse community, with a strong economy, a high-quality education system, and a rich cultural and recreational life.